Greetings from FPC Youth Ministry!

We hope you have been having a wonderful summer and are surviving the Georgia heat. D-groups will be starting up again in September, and we would love for you to be involved.

As many of you know, Discipleship Groups consist of 4-8 students of the same sex who meet each week with a leader who is committed to investing in their lives. The components that make up the weekly time together include Bible study, accountability, prayer, and fellowship. These groups usually meet at a central location such as a group member’s home. Since you are involved in our youth group, we wanted to make this opportunity available to you again this year.

We believe that small group discipleship is very effective in helping students become more mature followers of Christ, as well as provide a group of friends who challenge and encourage one another. In order for the group members to get to know one another on this deeper level and get the most out of these Discipleship Groups, it is important that you are able commit to show up consistently and respect the time that you spend together. For these reasons, we hope that you seriously consider the enclosed application.

Once school gets in full swing, it is easy to let your schedule get filled up with a number of activities. So, take some time now to look over the application and pray about being in a D-group. Would you consider making it a priority this year?

The deadline to turn in your application is August 21st. Once the groups are set, leaders will contact their group members and discuss a meeting time and location that works for the entire group. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Hope to see you soon!

FPC Youth Staff