Our goal in the FPC nursery is to be intentional and relational with our families. It is our mission to express the love of Christ to all children while implementing the best of care and an age appropriate spiritual foundation.

The Nursery is located on the first floor of our main building, directly off of The Brickyard (our main foyer). Please look for directional signs as you enter the building.

You may contact Mary Sanchez, Director of Children’s Ministry, at 478-746-3223 or email her here.

Nursery Hours

The Nursery is open for all services, Wednesday night program classes, Sunday school, and morning Bible studies. The Nursery opens 15 minutes prior to scheduled events and stays open 15 minutes after scheduled ending time unless otherwise noted.

  • Sunday Services: 9:00 AM, 11:15 AM
  • Sunday School: 10:10 AM
  • Wednesday Women’s Bible Study: 9:30 AM
  • Wednesday Night Dinner and classes: opens at 5:00 PM

Frequently Asked Questions

What will my child do while at Sunday School?
First Presbyterian Church is committed to the Christian education of our children. In order to train them in age appropriate material, we use “Show Me Jesus” by Great Commission Publications (GCP). Children’s ministry is an opportunity to disciple young lives—to get them ready for life as followers of Jesus Christ. GCP’s Sunday school curriculum disciples children by rooting them firmly in God’s Word. If you would like more information regarding GCP, you may visit their website here.
What do I need to bring in my child’s bag?
In order to make your child’s stay with us as enjoyable as possible, please bring a diaper bag that is labeled with his/her first and last name with an extra disposable diaper or pull-up and a change of clothes. For infants, we ask that you also bring one or two bottles, a clip-on pacifier, and your infant’s favorite blanket, if necessary. Please permanently label all of your child’s belongings with his/her first and last name.
What if my child needs feeding while in the Nursery?
We will feed bottles that are pre-mixed by parents. This ensures that the correct amount of formula and water is used. Snacks will be given to Toddlers. A private nursing room is available for nursing mothers.
Who will be allowed to pick up my child?
In an on-going effort to make our nursery a safe place for our children, we are pleased to share with you a copy of the Nursery Personnel & Volunteers Policies & Procedures Manual, available at the FPC nursery’s information desk. Please take time to read it and discuss it as a family.

The nursery has a safety procedure policy for checking in children at the Nursery Information desk. Parents will be issued a child safety card with their child’s name and number. A matching identification will be attached to each child. Upon departure parents will return their safety card to the child’s classroom.

We ask that the parents assume the responsibility to keep each child’s information current with phone numbers, CC locations, approved pick-up people, etc.

What if my child gets sick or needs me while in the Nursery?
Parents can receive an electronic beeper for infants. We will locate you from information on your registration sheet or sign-in sheet.
What are the Nursery’s Health Rules?
In order to provide a safe, healthy nursery for all our nursery children, we ask that you keep your baby or toddler with you any time he or she exhibits the following symptoms:

  • Fever, vomiting, and/or diarrhea within the previous 24 hours
  • Any symptoms of childhood diseases such as scarlet fever, measles, mumps, chicken pox, or whooping cough. For more information on these diseases you may visit the CDC website here for symptoms.
  • Runny nose with any colored discharge or persistency
  • Any unexplained rash or skin infection
  • Eye infections, such as pick eye
  • Head lice (child should be free of all nits)
  • If your child is being treated with antibiotics, he/she should be on the antibiotic for at least 24 hours before coming back to the nursery
  • To prevent accidental overdoses or other problems, nursery workers are not permitted under any circumstance to administer medication
  • General first aid, such as applying band-aids to minor scrapes, is obviously permitted

Thank you for your participation in keeping all of our children healthy! The nursery (and your babies) appreciates your awareness!