Special Blessings Room – A Volunteer Ministry to Special Needs Children

We are honored that God has chosen to bless First Presbyterian Church with the opportunity to work alongside parents and caregivers of children with special needs and to watch them develop spiritually, physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Our specially designed and equipped Special Blessings Room is located in the Nursery on the ground floor for children who require more personalized attention due to a physical, mental, or emotional need.

On Sunday mornings, each child in the Special Blessings Room will participate in a time of singing, prayer, and a one-on-one Bible lesson provided by a church volunteer.

Due to our Special Needs room being led by volunteers, we ask that parents complete a confidential Placement Questionnaire. Any information you are able to provide us concerning your child such as their diagnosis, prognosis, most recent IEP, routines, favorite activities, toys, irritating sounds, etc. would be greatly appreciated. If our volunteers are not qualified to meet your child’s needs, due to severity, the church will be unable to offer your family this ministry.

For more information, please email Mary Sanchez.