Each year, as our annual World Missions Conference occurs, we are reminded to prayerfully consider making a “Faith Promise” commitment. What is a Faith Promise, exactly?

The Faith Promise Card

In the church pew or recently in your mailbox, you should find a Faith Promise Card. This card says the following:

A Faith Promise for missions is an amount of money or goods that you are willing to promise to give to missions around the world in faith that God will provide. It is over and above the tithe. At the time you make the Faith Promise, the source of the amount you promise may be unknown to you. A Faith Promise is not a pledge. The church will not call upon you for it. It is a promise that “as I sacrifice and/or the Lord provides, I will give these funds to missions.”

Why Faith Promise?

First Presbyterian Church supports global Missions Partners and organizations through this Faith Promise approach to giving. Why? Faith Promise Giving is first and foremost based on Biblical principles.

The Bible teaches us to obey the Lord in the giving of His tithe and to honor Him in the giving of our offerings. Faith Promise is a type of offering whereby we have the opportunity to give to support world missions—Systematically, Sacrificially and Supernaturally.

  • As with the Lord’s tithe, we can give systematically by prioritizing an amount each month that we give after the tithe. This would be a budgeted item that your family chooses to give on a regular basis, specifically for missions and above your monthly tithe.
  • We can also give sacrificially by choosing to deny ourselves of something so that we may give support to missions. For example, choosing to forgo one family night out per month, or giving up your Starbucks coffee several times a week in order to give those funds to missions instead.
  • Finally, we can also give supernaturally when our Lord provides extra resources that are beyond our understanding so that we may give. If your tax return is larger than expected or you receive a fortuitous check in the mail, you decide to give that money to missions instead of keeping it for yourself.

Faith Promise should not be done flippantly. We urge you and your family to meditate on these truths, read further in God’s word about giving, and pray fervently for the Lord’s guidance on how he is calling you to give.

How to Give

There are several ways to submit your Faith Promise Card:

  • Drop your card in the offering boxes in the Sanctuary on Sunday mornings
  • Bring your card by our church office (open Monday – Thursday from 9 AM – 5 PM, and Friday from 9 AM to 3 PM)
  • Submit your Faith Promise commitment online through Realm. On your personal profile, go to “Community” > “Giving” > then click +Pledge

Please contact us at 478.746.3223 if you have questions about this process, or would like to know more about giving. Visit our Online Giving page, here.