Buddy Greene, a world-renowned songwriter and musician, will be back in his hometown of Macon, Georgia, on Sunday, March 22, 2015, performing at The Grand Opera House in order to raise support for the Fuller Center for Housing of Macon.   The concert is at 7:30pm and tickets are available ahead of time, or the night of the show at The Grand Opera House (478-301-5470).  The event is a Cherry Blossom sanctioned event.



Funds from the concert will be used to complete the renovations on a derelict house, transforming the house into a beautiful, affordable, and safe home for a family who does not qualify for a traditional mortgage loan. This SAVE-a-HOUSE/MAKE-a-HOME project not only benefits a family, but the community as well. Houses that are repaired and renovated are affordable for very low-income families because they are sold to the family with no interest assessed, volunteers provide part of the labor, and families participate in the renovation of the house, earning “sweat equity.” The Fuller Center provides a “hand-up,” not a “hand-out.” This approach turns the recipient into a donor as their payments are recycled and used to repair the next house for a family. Studies show that when families own their own homes that are safe, adequate, and affordable, children’s grades improve and neighborhood crime rates go down significantly.