What is a Communicant?

“Communicant” comes from a Latin word that means “to share with.” It’s been used for centuries as a title for those who share the Lord’s Supper together.

A communicant member (one who takes communion) is a person who has not only been baptized but who also publicly confesses Jesus Christ as Lord. Parents who feel their children are ready to make such a confession for themselves are encouraged to go through our eight week communicants class (overview below). After completion of the communicant’s class, the parents will be contacted by an elder of the church about a time to interview the child. Each student writes a testimony of how they came to faith in Christ in preparation for their verbal testimony to the elders. After the interview, the children may be received into the church as communicant members.


Why do we have a Communicants class?

While children of believers are considered part of the visible church, they are non-communing members (do not participate in the Lord’s Supper) until they personally own and profess faith in Jesus.

To assist parents in leading their children through this ownership of faith, we want to provide training for the children of communing members so that they clearly understand the gospel, their relationship to God, and what God is doing in this world through his Church. That’s why we provide a Communicants Class.

Overview of the Eight Week Communicants Class

  • Week One: The Bible (What is it and why can we trust it?)
  • Week Two: Who is God?  Who is Man?
  • Week Three: Sin and the Law of God
  • Week Four: Who is Jesus and What Has He Done?
  • Week Five: The Holy Spirit and Spiritual Growth
  • Week Six: Personal Evangelism and Missions
  • Week Seven: Baptism/Church Membership
  • Week Eight: The Lord’s Supper

Learn more about our curriculum for the Communicants class, here.


The Communicants Membership Vows