Please join our church in the time-honored poinsettia “Christmas Tree” tradition! A Christmas Tree of poinsettias beautifully decorates each side of the front sanctuary during the month of December, each year. Now is the time to begin preparing for this annual event!

If you would like to place a poinsettia in the church in honor or in memory of a loved one, you may do so by making a donation of $15 or more to FPC for each poinsettia. Please provide the following information in the detailed format and make sure the information submitted is legible:

  • IN honor of (the person /persons FULL GIVEN name)
  • IN memory of (the person/persons FULL GIVEN name)
  • Poinsettias given by (the person/persons FULL GIVEN name)
    Also include sender’s address and phone number, in case of questions.
  • For more information, examples are listed below

Please send the names and your check of $15 per poinsettia to Mrs. Bruce (Missy) Jones, 108 Bradford Drive, Macon, GA 31210-1267. All checks should be made payable to First Presbyterian Church with “Poinsettia” or “Altar Committee” written in the memo line. Submissions cannot be accepted after November 26, so please get them in early!

The monies raised purchase the poinsettias, Christmas decorations and assist in funding the Altar Committee each year. Thank you for your generosity!


Example of “In Memory Of” Gift:

MRS. JOHN DOE (ALICE)       BY      Mr. and Mrs. John Harold Mimsey (Henrietta)

Mr. John Mimsey, IIII

Miss Sarah Tatter

Example of “In Honor Of” Gift:

MR AND MRS. JOHN ROBERT DOE (WANDA)   BY   Master Joey Jr., Miss Matilda Lily, and Mr. George Jr.