Our goal in the FPC nursery is to be intentional and relational with our families. It is our mission to express the love of Christ to all children while implementing the best of care and an age appropriate spiritual foundation.

The Nursery is located on the first floor of our main building, directly off of The Brickyard (our main foyer). Please look for directional signs as you enter the building.

You may contact our Director of Children’s Ministry at 478-746-3223 or email her here.


Frequently Asked Questions

What will my child do while at Sunday School?
First Presbyterian Church is committed to the Christian education of our children. In order to train them in age appropriate material, we use “Show Me Jesus” by Great Commission Publications (GCP). Children’s ministry is an opportunity to disciple young lives—to get them ready for life as followers of Jesus Christ. GCP’s Sunday school curriculum disciples children by rooting them firmly in God’s Word. If you would like more information regarding GCP, you may visit their website here.
What do I need to bring in my child’s bag?
In order to make your child’s stay with us as enjoyable as possible, please bring a diaper bag that is labeled with his/her first and last name with an extra disposable diaper or pull-up and a change of clothes. For infants, we ask that you also bring one or two bottles, a clip-on pacifier, and your infant’s favorite blanket, if necessary. Please permanently label all of your child’s belongings with his/her first and last name.
What if my child needs feeding while in the Nursery?
We will feed bottles that are pre-mixed by parents. This ensures that the correct amount of formula and water is used. Snacks will be given to Toddlers. A private nursing room is available for nursing mothers.
Who will be allowed to pick up my child?

Child Safety Policy
The goal is to provide a safe, secure environment for children and peace of mind for parents. Safety and security for our children is our utmost goal. Parents will be issued a fob to enter through security doors into the nursery. The fob limits access to the nursery by allowing entry only to authorized staff, members and non-member/regular attendee’s families. Therefore only authorized people will be allowed to pick up children from the nursery. Parents will need to grant written permission to anyone picking up their child to include grandparents. Just as a reminder siblings are not permitted to pick up in the nursery. When we have visitors, they will be greeted and signed in at the information desk.

Our check-in for the nursery on Sunday mornings is so easy and available in the Brickyard. By checking in, parents help the nursery staff to identify children at any time, and especially in the case of an emergency. Parents simply check in their children at one of the two computers in the Brickyard (either by family last name or last four numbers of their cellphone) and place the printed label on the child’s back. Newcomers or visitors will need to check-in at the nursery’s information desk.

What if my child gets sick or needs me while in the Nursery?
Parents can receive an electronic beeper for infants. We will locate you from information on your registration sheet or sign-in sheet.
What are the Nursery’s Health Rules?
Nut-Free Zone
The nut-free policy is put into place for the wellbeing of our children, staff, families and visitors. No person should be placed in a situation and/or environment that may endanger their life, therefore it is FPC’s role to notify and educate staff and parents about the dangers that peanuts and other nut products may inflict on those who suffer from this allergy.

Health and Illness Policy
For the protection of our children, it is the policy of FPC to allow only well infants and children into the nursery.  Therefore, please do not accept children into the nursery if the child has/had any of the following:

  • Fever, vomiting, and/or diarrhea within the previous 24 hours
  • Any symptoms of childhood diseases such as scarlet fever, measles, mumps, chicken pox, or whooping cough…  check out http://www.cdc.gov/ncidod/diseases/children/symptoms.htm for symptoms
  • Runny nose with any colored discharge or persistency
  • Any unexplained rash
  • Any skin infection
  • Eye infections, such as pink eye
  • Head lice (child should be free of all nits)

If a child is on an antibiotic for an infection like strep throat, he/she must be on the antibiotic for 48 hours and free of fever for 24 hours.

If a child does have one of the above symptoms, do not accept the child into the nursery. If the child develops any of the above symptoms while in nursery, contact the Nursery Administrator or Coordinator who will ask the parents to remove the child from the nursery area.

Do not give medication of any kind to a child. If medicine needs to be given, only parents may administer it.