Dear parents,

In this week’s Virtual Sunday School, Mrs. Anna Hooper is teaching on Luke 7:1-10, Centurion Servant Healed.  Her children, Lawson and Ellie, are great helpers!  Please note the discussion questions and coloring sheet available below.


Read Luke 7:1-10 

Young children may enjoy coloring this worksheet while you read the passage.  Older children will want to look it up in their bibles.


Watch the Virtual Sunday School Lesson with Mrs. Anna Hooper


SAY Once there was an important soldier, called a centurion, who had a sick servant. He sent the leaders of the Jews to Jesus for help.


SAY I wonder what the centurion thought Jesus could do . . .


SAY The Jewish leaders found Jesus and asked him if he would heal the centurion’s servant. So Jesus went with the men. When they were on their way to the centurion’s house, his friends ran to meet Jesus with a message from the centurion. He had faith that Jesus could just say the word and his servant would be healed. Jesus didn’t have to travel all the way to his house.


SAY Jesus told everyone he was amazed that the centurion had such great faith. When the centurion’s friends hurried back to the house, they found that the sick servant had been made well. Jesus had healed him, just as the centurion knew he could!



Make mini praise signs. Cut out a heart shape for each child. Write on each heart Jesus is God my Savior. Let children personalize their hearts with drawings and stickers. Cut two lines inside each heart. Slide a drinking straw through each heart. Let children wave their mini praise signs as they sing.


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