Having attended the Fathers in the Field information session last Saturday, it became clear that the love and presence of a father in a child’s life has tremendous impact. On the contrary, the lack of a father in a child’s life can do tremendous damage. The pain and confusion a fatherless child experiences stems from the broken fabric of this fallen world. God originally created us, the pinnacle of his creation, to be people that would never be fatherless.

Unfortunately, sin entered the world in Genesis chapter three and brought with it far-reaching destruction. One destructive product of the fall is the passivity of men and so often the breakdown of the family unit. Even though man fell in Genesis 3, God—by His grace – kept the blessing of family intact. After the fall, God’s design still provides every child with two parents that are to invest in them and portray different elements of God’s image. Another bitter reality of Genesis 3 is that the new pattern of the fallen world would ensure each child would eventually become fatherless through physical death. Though sin has brought death and eventual fatherlessness, God by his grace generally allows us to experience earthly fathers long enough to prepare us for life.

As we step back and consider that God looked on us in our helpless state and became a father to us in Jesus Christ, we must also then look around us and ask the question, “What can I do for the fatherless?” Further, as God’s children, we become His agents of redemption while on earth. We are to bring the kingdom to bear here! What better way than by helping repair the brokenness that is fatherless children. This can be done a number of ways…we must consider how we can love our neighbor as we delight in our heavenly Father’s love.

Justin Leslein, Director of Young Adult Ministry