Thank you for visiting First Presbyterian Church’s blog.

I want to let you know that you are always welcome at First Presbyterian Church and you have an open invitation to worship with us at any time and to become involved in any of our programs and special events.

We live in a time of many challenges, demands, opportunities, and disappointments, all of which require some tough decision-making. Through the years I have found those decisions much easier to make when I have really good friends helping me, and when I have clear principles to guide me in those choices. I have discovered the principles for living through knowing Jesus Christ and being friends with others who are walking with Him.

I eagerly invite you to consider joining me in this pilgrimage. I am confident that you will find the same direction and meaning in life that I have found in the church of Jesus Christ.

If you would like to explore these things further, come and visit us some Sunday morning. I think you will find at First Presbyterian Church what I have found: a first home.

Chip Miller, Senior Pastor