God’s Timing is Always Perfect
By: Chuck Duggan

Casa Hogar del Nino de Acapulco is an orphanage where I have had the privilege to go and to work and play and be a part of sharing the love of Christ to orphan children since 2005. Last Friday, my son and I went to Casa Hogar to take the documents for the board there to sign for the recently approved Ministry Partnership with the Missions Committee from First Presbyterian Church.  This partnership means that our church will support Casa Hogar for the next three years in a very significant way, with quarterly payments made for the support of the operations of the ministry including the care, feeding, and education of the children.  We had an amazing weekend for lots of reasons. It was my son’s first time going there, and the children loved him.  But what we loved most were the stories of God’s faithfulness to provide for the ministry.  Below is just one of those stories.

Sunrise_October 2014

For the past three years, the orphanage has been struggling financially. Some churches who had been regularly sending teams and supporting the work had stopped. MTW, our denomination’s world missions sending agency, had cut their support of the work almost completely.  Funds were short, and the number of children at the orphanage had dropped from over 100 to 51.  The board had decided not to take any more children until the money became available to fully provide all that the children needed for food, clothing and education, which is about $300 per child per month through high school age.

Marco, the chairman of the board received a call on September 10 of this year from Alejandro, the director at the orphanage, saying that five children, all from one family, had been brought to the orphanage by a member of the church who knew of their situation.  Their father had died. I don’t know exactly how he died, but he died.  The mother was a prostitute and a drug addict.  In Mexico, that meant that the children had to be placed in an orphanage or turned out into the streets. Not a good place for children, especially young girls who are often taken and sold to very bad people. The government run orphanages are almost all overcrowded, understaffed, and underequipped.

Marco told Alejandro that there were no funds to take even one more child, let alone five. He told him to send them somewhere else. Alejandro said, “You come tell them. I can’t do it.”  Marco was angry.  He told me that when he heard Alejandro say, “You come tell them”, he said to himself, “I am going to go and show Alejandro how we have to make hard decisions.”

When he pulled up in front of the orphanage, the children were sitting on the little wall at the top of the steps outside the front gate.  As he got out of his car and walked by them, he glanced at them, and noticed tears on two of the children’s faces. He turned and walked down the steps where Alejandro was waiting. As he started to speak, he turned again and looked at the children’s faces.  They were sitting, heads bowed, but gazing at him with sad eyes.  He looked back at Alejandro and began to gesture as if to speak, but he couldn’t speak. He looked back at the children, then stuttered again to speak. Then he said, “I don’t know how we will provide for them, but let them in. We will pray the Lord to provide.”

Casa Hogar del Nino

On that very day, the missions committee of First Presbyterian Church voted to support Casa Hogar as a Major Ministry Partner.  I e-mailed Myrtille Rullan, the current Public Relations director of Casa Hogar, to tell her the good news.

God had answered their prayers immediately, but the answer had been coming for months, even before the children came to Casa Hogar.

God’s timing is always perfect.

I had the privilege to meet these five beautiful children this past weekend. Joanna is the oldest, Melanie, Daneiri, Jose, and the youngest is Benito. Three girls and two boys and they are so happy and so beautiful!

Thank you all for your support of missions at FPC. Your support literally changed the lives five children forever, and who knows how far their impact will be felt.

Thank you for your support of teams that go Short Term to these places where the Lord is at work. God is changing lives here as well as abroad.

Thank you for your prayers for the missions and ministries supported by our church. God answers prayers even before we ask them.

And thank you for your faithfulness in the cause of the Kingdom, wherever God is at work

Through the ministries of FPC, in missions, discipleship, evangelism and equipping, and the faithful preaching of our pastors, God is truly making disciples in Macon to reach the world for Christ.

Signing Paperwork_October 2014



*The FPC Missions Committee and Pastor Greg Marshall are coordinating a short term mission trip to Casa Hogar during spring break 2015. For more information about this trip and the ministry of Casa Hogar del Nino de Acapulco, click here.