This Sunday we will be learning a new song called “God the Spirit.”

The text is by Samuel Stone and was written in 1866; the music, written by Matt Boswell, is from 2010.  We decided to introduce this song after listening to Dr. Richard Pratt speak last Saturday night on how we often neglect the Holy Spirit.  It made me realize that we don’t sing many songs that focus on the work of the Holy Spirit.  For instance, in the Trinity Hymnal there are 99 songs listed under the topic of God the Father, 174 under Jesus Christ, and 12 under Holy Spirit.


I always find J. I. Packer’s Concise Theology helpful. This is what it says about the Holy Spirit: “Witnessing to Jesus Christ, glorifying him by showing his disciples who and what he is and making them aware of what they are in him is the Holy Spirit’s central ministry.  The Spirit enlightens us, regenerates us, leads us into holiness, transforms us, gives us assurance, and gifts us for ministry.”


You can find the text, listen to, and download the song for free here:


By: Michael McGhee