“The LORD has revealed to Bethany that she is a house of God, full of joy, living with her hope anchored in Jesus Christ so that her life may be a testimony to the shalom that Christ has in store for everything; that there may be no person without hope firmly anchored in Christ.

There has not been a day Bethany has not known Jesus’ love. Through local and overseas ministry opportunities the Lord has continued to confirm His call on her life to join her grandparents and parents in missions.

Bethany graduated from Covenant College with her B.A. in elementary education in 2014 and received her TESOL certification. She is currently developing an English program, supporting churches, and spreading His gospel of grace in Ticuantepe, Nicaragua. She gives God the glory as the English program is supporting the local church, anchoring people’s hope in Jesus, and empowering people to escape the cycle of poverty.

“However, I consider my life worth nothing to me; my only aim is to finish the race and complete the task the Lord Jesus has given me-the task of testifying to the good news of God’s grace.” Acts 20:24” (retrieved from mtw.org)

We asked Bethany a few questions to get to know her better.  Check out her answers below.

What book is on your nightstand or by your reading chair right now?  Real Talk: Creating Space for Hearts to Change.  This is a book by a psychologist, professor, and friend (Mark C. Good, Ph.D.) about how to intentionally build meaningful relationships and mend hearts through different tools he has found over his many years in the field of counseling.

Tell us one interesting fact about you.  I have eaten from the tree of death (The Manchineel Tree, the most poisonous tree in the Americas) and live to tell the tale. (I thought it was a different kind of fruit but when I tasted it by God’s grace I spit it out and only experienced mild symptoms.)

Describe an experience you have had on the mission field that has impacted the way you do ministry.  One event that has impacted the way that I do ministry is when I was evacuated to the United States when all of the civil unrest was happening here in Nicaragua in 2018. As I was uprooted all of the sudden with very few of my earthly belongings and placed in a new, foreign place, it was extremely difficult. I had 2 hours to pack a small backpack to take with me and had to leave behind my dear puppy and Nicaraguan family, unknowingly for 11 months. However, in this time I realized the huge empathy I now shared with refugees who must leave so quickly to seek safety, leaving behind their lives and stepping into the unknown. I find my heart so much softer towards refugees and those suffering from injustice because of this event in my missionary career. This also led me to pursue trauma healing ministry, which is now the main ministry that I am a part of in Nicaragua. God is so good to use the pain and turn it into something beautiful.

What is your favorite food to eat in the country in which you serve?  In Nicaragua the people normally eat a dish of mixed rice and beans for breakfast, rice and beans separately for lunch and beans and rice for dinner. If beans and rice aren’t present, it’s not a meal. I’ve been at a party where they served pizza… and beans and rice. 😉 However, my favorite food to eat here in Nicaragua is Sopa de Frijoles con Huevos (Bean soup with eggs). After cooking the dried beans with garlic, you take the bean broth and blend up some beans, mix them together, and then cook the soup. While the soup is cooking you break the eggs into the soup and let them cook. When ready you add some sour cream and eat it with some plantain chips on the side. MMMM MMMM good. 🙂

What are some specific prayer request you have for your country and ministry work?  Pray for God’s protection of the Nicaraguan people during this pandemic. There are not systems in place to care for them in these trying times. Many are without work and have no way to feed their families or must continue to take risk of working in order to feed their families. There is so much uncertainty, powerlessness and loss right now. Pray that the people will turn to God in these hard times. Pray for the trauma healing ministry that is full force right now as we seek to respond and allow people the space and opportunity to just share their load, losses, fears, stresses, etc. Pray that there will be many more people who are able to say “I felt so much lighter and more at peace after attending the trauma healing group, thank you.” Pray for the my English students and their families and all their immense needs right now. Pray that the Lord might continue to use me here in Nicaragua to empower people through English to pursue their dreams and provide for their families and through trauma healing to empower people to have space to be broken and heard in their hurt yet to not stay victims but walk as overcomers with hope in Christ.

For more from Bethany, go to https://www.fpcmacon.org/ministry/missions/ongoing-projects/