“Bob and Mary Lee are the founders of Christians teaching Christians. CTC is a unique way to teach the Bible to massive numbers of people.  They seek to reach people who have not been previously reached with Bible teaching.  CTC was originally established to teach pastors how to faithfully preach and teach the Bible to previously untaught church leaders.  Now we allow all people to attend our classes. We are currently active in Africa and India, and CTC plans to spread wherever it is needed all over the world.  Currently we are active in 17 African countries with over 2,000 teaching centers and almost 53,000 students. CTC is staffed with indigenous volunteer coordinators and teachers.  There is no cost to the students.  CTC teaches in the local language. We do not require much money as we don’t want to buy any property or buildings. Our only need for money is to buy bibles and furnish our unpaid country coordinators with limited travel money so that they can travel to open new classes.”  (adapted from christiansteachingchristians.com)

Here are some interesting things about Bob Bolitho.  Check it out below.

What book is on your nightstand or by your reading chair right now? The Apostles Creed by Albert Mohle.

Tell us one interesting fact about you. I was 37 years old before I became a Christian.

Describe an experience you have had on the mission field that has impacted the way you do ministry. Visiting many churches in Uganda and Kenya and discovering that there is a tremendous hunger for studying the Bible.

What is your favorite food to eat in the country in which you serve, or your organization ministers to? In Uganda my favorite food is something called Matoke which is steamed green banana.

What are some specific prayer requests you have for your country and ministry work? Our countries of ministry are India and much of Africa. Pray for CTC to continue to expand its bible teaching ministry. Pray for God to replace me as CTC director, I am feeling my age. Pray for the people of India and Africa