“Fabiana was introduced to Campus Outreach in 2002 and in 2003 she recognized her true need for Jesus Christ through conversations with her friends. She was hired in 2008 to split time working on campus as well as to use her gifts on the administration team. Currently, Fabiana works on the Resource Team as Event Planner and Assistant to the Director. Fabiana was married in November 2015 to Diego Vidal, who works as a lawyer in Belo Horizonte.”  retrieved from campusoutreach.org

Do you want to know more about Fabiana?  Here is what she said when we asked her a few questions.

What book is on your nightstand or by your reading chair right now?  

 Hinds’ Feet on High Places, by Hannah Hurnard. It’s an allegory dramatizing the journey each one of us must take before we can live in “high places”. 

Tell us one interesting fact about yourself?

In 18 years living in Belo Horizonte, of the 13 years being single, I’ve had 18 different roommates and I’ve lived in 11 different places. 

Describe an experience you had on the mission field that has impacted the way you do missions.  

Since I started working as a missionary for Campus Outreach back in 2008, I’ve learned so much about patience, love and perseverance. One specific example of it, is a dear friend of mine that became a believer after almost 7 years of a process of investigating Christ (and God used a lot of different ways, people, bible studies, conversations, trials, etc. Meanwhile, she also got engaged, married and had 2 kids during her process). Through her long process with ups and downs, God was also working in her husband’s heart. It was a long journey but it was all worth it! Remembering her process and the difference the gospel made and makes in her life and family, encourages me to not give up when ministry gets hard. God is always working and we never know who are the ones He is going to call. 

What is your favorite food in the country in which you serve?

 I love our Brazilian barbecue and the variety of fruits we have here. I try to have at least 2 types of fruits in my fridge because they are cheap to buy, healthy and so delicious.

What are some specific prayer requests for your country and for your ministry work?  

Pray for us, as we try out new tools and new approaches for ministry during quarantine. We had had some online events the past month and the students seemed to like the idea. Also pray for the 11 investigative Bible studies and 6 discipleship groups that are currently happening online. 


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