As we continue to get to know our missionaries, we’ve decided to travel across the pond and visit Matt Waldock with City Church Manchester. Matt is married to his wife Jacky and they have a son named Reuben.  Matt became a Christian when he was 14 at a summer camp.  After studying Theatre and English Literature at Lancaster University, he worked as a ministry trainee in Liverpool.  Matt Went on to teach at a secondary school on the Wirral before becoming a UCCF Staff worker for Merseyside and Chester.  He was involved in developing leaders in Africa with the charity Emerging Leaders and was then appointed as an Assistant Pastor of Christ Church Liverpool.

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Here are some questions we asked Matt recently:

  • What book is on your nightstand or by your reading chair right now?  Right now I’m reading Jesus becoming Jesus by Thomas Weinandy.  It is devotionally warm and theologically rich.
  • Tell us one interesting fact about yourself.  I’m an avid enthusiast for learning about the U.S Civil War.
  • Describe an experience you have had on the mission field that has impacted the way you do ministry.  I’ve worked most effectively in countries where I have taken the time to learn the language and the culture.  For me this was particularly true in Vietnam and Moldova.  So now wherever I go, I am keen to start by asking questions, listening carefully, and getting a good grasp of the culture before I devise a strategy or put an action plan together.
  • What is your favorite food to eat in the country in which you serve?  Fish and Chips or Meat Pies and Mashed Potatoes.
  • What are some specific prayer request you have for your country in which you serve and your ministry work?  I’m seeking to build relationships with local retirement homes to see where the church can serve those in our community most isolated and vulnerable, so please pray for doors to open. I’m also seeking to build relationships with funeral businesses in the city with the intention of serving those who have lost relatives and thereby offer pastoral care and the leading of services, again please pray for opportunities to share the gospel in locations where hope seems diminished.