Returning to Africa

May 2019

On May 14 we are scheduled to return to Uganda. Below is a Facebook warning about a location close to our home so please pray for us.
“Mutungo hill residents stay alert as your place is recently targeted by thugs, robbers. Keep others warned too.”
Abe Kogo, our ATA coordinator in Kenya, learned that some of our ATA families are starving in northern Kenya. He passed the information to us and some of our faithful supporters supplied enough money to send a truckload of food. Below is a photo and comments from Abe.

“Loading maize, beans, rice and cartons of cooking fat. Heading to Turkana West to help our starving brothers who suffer due to lack of food caused by the prolonged drought and famine here in the north. Pray for my safety as I carry these long awaited foods.”

Please pray for Abe as he is traveling with a truckload of food in a very hungry and lawless place. We would like to send another load of food to help feed our families until their own crops are ready. It takes about $1700 to send a truckload of food. If you would like to help with this project, please send your donations to our post office box and designate your donation for famine relief, or click the PayPal donation link below.
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God has sent some strong Christians to serve as our ATA leaders.  The next story is told in the words of Pastor Martin, our coordinator in the DR Congo. He was robbed and abused  as he was returning to his home after opening ATA classes.

“To tell you the truth, I had gone through some of my hardest times of my 60 years I have spent on this earth. The rebel took me out the bus and urged the taxi driver to go. He took me to the forest. He was behind me, carrying a big arm, asking me to go quickly and if not he was ready to shoot me. Imagine at my age. At about 5 kms in the bush, he urged me to sit down. He took everything I had with me: clothes, my shoes, belt, hat, watch, camera, phone, laptop. He asked me more money 1,500. He said that he was going to slaughter me if I do not pay.

I spent about 2 hours ready to be shoot. I was praying in my inside. Then appeared another from the gang. Fortunately he said he knows me. He asked me: “Pastor, how have you reached this place? Do you remember me? I could not answer because all my body was dry. After he said that I baptized his mother. A moment after, he asked the one who brought me to release me. He took me to the road almost naked. Then, he left me there. As I could not afford paying the trip expenses back home, many taxis did not want to take me. By the end, the police came and took me until Goma. I was questioned, slashed. But God is always God, He released me.

Now about the Bibles, they are available here in Goma at $10 each. I would need, if possible, 50.

Pray that I get another phone and a laptop.

Jesus did MUCH for me. I am in His vineyard and even death will not take me from His love.”

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God continues to expand CTC and we now have a teaching center in Sri Lanka. Our Indian coordinator visited Sri Lanka just before the recent bombings there and left behind an ITI class.

Here are some prayer requests:

  • Charles, our African son, to be with us when we return to America hopefully in mid-July. Pray for our safety.
  • Success in making arrangements for care of the youth we provide for in Uganda.

There is some confusion about our status as missionaries. We are not retiring. Our main reason for moving to the USA is so that Bob can do a better job as CTC director. Please pray for God to send a replacement (CTC director). When God sends Bob’s replacement we plan to continue to serve with CTC as long as we are able.


CTC is a unique method to teach the Bible to Christians. We recruit indigenous Bible college graduates to teach our curriculum. For more information, visit our website at


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