Now that the Missions Conference is over, how you can support specific missionaries or projects TODAY? Below are a few detailed needs from the attendees of our 2017 World Missions Conference. Please also visit our Missions Board located in the brickyard for up-to-date specific missions needs.

  •  Pray for the Pursley Family – Please pray for the Pursley’s American friend, Pastor Andrew, who has been unlawfully detained, imprisoned and charged with treason. You can help in several ways:
    • Advocate for his release with the “Forgotten American in Turkey” petition, here.
    • Sign the “Free Pastor Andrew” peition through ACLJ, here.
    • Post on Twitter everyday at noon: #ForgottenAmericaninTurkey with @WhiteHouse and @realDonaldTrump in your post.
  • Rebuild Homes with African Bible Colleges – The Lilongwe River, which runs through the capital city, rose to a 50 year high and has flooded a township close to ABC, destroying over 73 homes. ABC is looking to rebuild 10-12 of the worst hit homes. The average cost will be $2,200 per home.
    Financial Goal: $25,000
  • Christian Education for Casa Hogar del Nino – Casa Hogar seeks to provide a Christian education for the elementary and middle school-aged children in their care. The annual cost to educate 20 children at New Horizon Christian School includes: registration ($2,500), tuition ($33,000), student insurance ($550), uniforms ($2,500), shoes ($2,500), books ($2,000).
    Financial Goal: $43,050
  • Hurricane Recovery with El Shaddai Ministries International – There is much to do in Jeremie to help the Haitian people recover from te destruction left by Hurricane Matthew in October 2016. ESMI has several projects in need of funding:
    Financial Goal: $1,154,000

    • School Reconstruction – One major need is the school in Jeremie. ESMI is praying that God will help them connect with 6 donors to help raise the resources to rebuild the school. It is a $350,000 budget.
    • Water Business Restoration –  ESMI needs to raise $26,000 to restore the water business on the campus in Jeremie.
    • Rebuilding Churches –  8 churches planted by ESMI in the Grand’ Anse were destroyed in the hurricane. Each church will cost $25,000 to rebuild.
    • Repair a Chicken Farm – ESMI plans to restore their chicken farm that was totally destroyed. 40 Haitian families used to be employed at the farm. This will cost $78,000 to rebuild.
    • Support for Widows – ESMI has 100 widows from their churches who lost their homes. They are raising $5000 to rebuild one home at a time.