Step 1: Becoming a Christian

In order to become a member of First Presbyterian Church you must first and foremost be a Christian.

This means that you profess a genuine faith and trust in the person and work of Jesus Christ. Further you acknowledge and actively trust that Christ is God’s Son, fully God and fully man who came to live a perfect life in order to meet God’s standard of holiness on your behalf and to die a sacrificial death, was buried, and then was raised to life in order to satisfy God’s justice and pay the penalty for your sin.

Step 2: Inquirer’s Class

Our Inquirer’s Class, an informative (and fun) six-week course taught by Senior Pastor Chip Miller. This class will help you assimilate into church life at FPC and learn important and interesting things – like what First Presbyterian Church is trying to accomplish, what we believe, and what it means to be a Christian.

Along the way, you’ll meet new friends, connect with church staff and even become a church member, if that’s your desire. This class provides a “no pressure” atmosphere, and the testimony of most is that you’ll learn a lot and have a great time. Classes are on Sunday mornings during Sunday School at 10:10 a.m.

Check our church calendar to see when the next class starts. Please contact Tammy Jones with questions about the Inquirer’s Class.

    Step 3: Membership Interview

    After completing the class, if you have an interest in joining our church, you will be scheduled for an interview with an elder. Interviews are informal and usually last approximately 15 minutes.

    If you are married and your spouse has also completed the seminar, you will be interviewed together. Engaged couples are interviewed separately.

    We welcome all who have an interest in becoming a member of First Presbyterian Church.

    If you are not yet a Christian, we would love to have the opportunity to introduce you to Jesus Christ. Please contact Chuck Duggan if you would like to know more.

    If you are a member of another church and desire to transfer to First Presbyterian Church, you will have an opportunity to do so during the Inquirer’s Class.