A group of 25 charter members formally constituted the First Presbyterian Church on June 18, 1826, just three years after the city of Macon was chartered. Since 1858, when the present structure was completed, its spire, soaring 183 feet above the street, has dominated the downtown section of Mulberry Street. Today, with a congregation of more than 1000 members, the church continues to seek God’s blessing and guidance as it works to advance His kingdom through worship and proclamation of the Gospel.

Our Vision

To make disciples in Macon to reach the world for Christ

Our Mission

Love God, Love Others, and Serve People

We are committed to making disciples in Macon that will reach the world for Christ. This means that we recognize Jesus as the King of every area of our lives! This includes where we live (our home and neighborhoods), where we work (our classroom or office) and where we play (our local gym or baseball field). We long for you to join us as we seek to grow in our Love for God, Love for Others, and Service of the People in whose lives God has placed us. Please look around this site for the various ways that you can get involved in what God is doing here at FPC.


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What We Believe

We believe that the Bible is the inerrant Word of God, the only infallible rule of faith and practice. Since the Bible is God’s truth, it is our ultimate authority in every area of life, and we seek to be subject to the Bible in all things.

We believe that there is only one living and true God.

We believe in the Trinity, that there are three persons in the Godhead, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, but that these three are one God, the same in substance and equal in power and glory. We believe that God is sovereign – that He is the “King of Kings and Lord of Lords” and controls all things.

We believe that Jesus Christ is fully God and fully man and was born of a true virgin, lived a sinless life, died as a substitute for the sins of His people, rose again bodily from the grave after having been dead for three days, ascended into Heaven, and will return to judge the world on the last day.

We believe that the only way of salvation is by faith in Jesus Christ and that this comes about by God’s grace as He works in the hearts of His people. We, therefore, seek to promote the proclamation of the gospel (good news) of Jesus Christ locally and throughout the world.
We believe that the Holy Spirit is given to us to provide the daily strength and wisdom we need to live according to God’s will and to grow in holiness.

We believe that the Westminster Standards (including the Confession of Faith and the Larger and Shorter Catechisms) are clear, true, and a systematic expression of what the Bible teaches.

We believe that the Presbyterian form of church government (i.e., leadership by presbyters or elders) is the Biblical one. We also believe that every Christian is important and has gifts and abilities from God to be used as we seek to serve God and one another.

The Session of First Presbyterian Church adopted a position paper on abortion in 1988 which was recently reaffirmed. You may read the entire paper, here.

Our ultimate goal is to glorify God by loving him with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength and by loving our neighbors as ourselves.


We believe we are called to serve Christ and others. Jesus said, “the greatest among you will be the servant of all.” In that service we find tremendous fulfillment and joy.

God has given each of us particular gifts and talents to be used in His service. There is a common statistic that says in church 20% of the people do 80% of the work. But what if God designed the rest of us to serve our homes and cities and governments and businesses in important and valuable ways! Colossians 1:15-20 teaches us that all things are Christ’s, so we must go and make his liberating rule known in every place and to every person!

Whether it’s inside the walls of First Presbyterian Church or outside, there are many opportunities for service. Each of our ministries and affiliated ministries have specific needs for leaders and volunteers. There is both a place and a role for each member and his or her God-given gifts.

Please visit our Get Involved page to learn more about opportunities to serve at FPC Macon.

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