Prayer has power. How good it is to hear someone say that they are praying for you!

A couple of months ago during my yearly eye exam, I heard the words everyone dreads from their doctor – “I have bad news.” The doctor informed me that my left eye appeared to have a tear in the macular. I was scared with thoughts of losing my vision and surgery. I knew I needed to pray for God’s healing. The next step was to see a specialist who diagnosed me with a macular pucker. He suggested waiting a month for the pucker to release itself or the next step would be surgery. I was amazed during this time by all the people in my church that called or told me they were praying for me (especially those I really did not know well!). At first, I was scared with the thought of losing my vision and if I could handle the recovery process from surgery. In the coming weeks, I started to feel the comfort that only God can give us and knew no matter what happened He was there for me. At the follow-up visit, the ultrasound showed the pucker had released itself which meant no surgery! I had a friend say to me, “I had been praying but I really did not think God would heal it. I thought you would need surgery….what a blessing!” I commented, “Me too!” She asked, “What do you think God was teaching you?” I thought for a moment and then answered, “Not only had God healed my eye but He taught me the importance of prayer and praying for others.” I hope you will take a minute to read this prayer of praise by Scotty Smith so that you too may join me in praising God for His Incomparable Goodness.

-Mary Sanchez
Director of Children’s Ministry