A short term missions team is working in Haiti this week, April 14 – 21, 2017. FPC has partnered with members of North Macon Presbyterian Church to provide relief and aid to El Shaddai Ministries International, which is still working to rebuild after devastation caused by Hurricane Matthew. John Kinser is leading the trip, which is focused on teaching and reconstruction. The team plans to send updates throughout the week. Please follow their progress and experience below!

Update #1: Saturday April 15, 2017

Today the team visited the city of BonBon, including the current residence of a seminary student named Leslie. They will be building a new home for Leslie and his wife and family of five kids. Photos are included of their current home and the construction site of his new home being built near the church.

Leslie & his family’s current residence

Site of Leslie’s new home

Update #2: Sunday April 16, 2017

The missions team enjoyed Easter worship with our ESMI partners the Versailles Church in Jeremie. This building was one of the few structures still standing after Hurricane Matthew last September. The roof of the church building was significantly damaged, with much of it lost in the wind of the storm. Praise God for his faithfulness both then and now as worship continues in this holy place!

Easter Worship with brothers and sisters at Versailles Church

Team lunch with ESMI partners at a local restaurant

By contrast, the team also visited the site of another ESMI church in Jeremie, which was completely destroyed during Hurricane Matthew. All that remains of this house of worship is part of the wall by the entrance and the pulpit.

The remains of a church building in Jeremie

Update #3: Monday April 17, 2017

Today, the team has been working to construct Leslie’s new home. Please see photos of the progress below!

Before Picture
(progress has already been made since the site visit on Saturday!)

Preparing to install roof framing

Framing installation complete

Installing the tin roof on top of framing work

Update #4: Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Today the team worked on the interior of a widow’s home, which FPC funds paid to rebuild after Hurricane Matthew. The home is very small, and located in the crowded slums of Jeremie. First, the team spent of the morning prepping and painting the interior.

A view of the Jeremie slums and exterior of first Widow’s Home

Prepping to paint first Widow’s Home

Painting first Widow’s Home

In the afternoon, the team moved to another widow’s home, also paid for by FPC missions funds. The remainder of the day was spent painting this house, which is slightly larger than the first.  Both of the widows living in these two homes are members of the Versailles church where the team attended services on Easter Sunday.

Painting the second Widow’s Home

A view of the slums area from the back door of second Widow’s Home

Update #5: Friday, April 21, 2017

The team has arrived safely back home! Thank you for your prayers during this mission trip.

An arial view of the bay at Port au Prince