Relaunch 2020: The Plan for attending Sunday School and Worship at FPC


What we are doing.

  • From October 4th to November 22nd, we will have 9:00 outdoor worship (weather permitting), at 10:00 we will open children’s and adult Sunday school, and an 11:00 Worship service in the Sanctuary, which will be live-streamed.
  • We plan to have the nursery open from 8:30 – Noon
  • There will be children’s classes from 4k – Sr. High
  • There will be three adult classes, and all will be recorded and put up on the web site as soon as possible after the class is completed
  • There will also be an Inquirer’s Class for those interested in joining the church


Why we are doing it.

  • The mission of the church is to make disciples in Macon to reach the world for Christ.
    • The spiritual equipping of the church members and their children is critical for accomplishing this mission.
  • The FPC CV19 Task Force has been monitoring the pandemic in the middle Georgia area and believes that the time is right to begin to open up.
  • The Covid 19 pandemic requires us to take special precautions, limiting possible exposure to all, and utilizing the available space.


How does it work?

  • The adult class locations will be posted here on Thursday each week for their location and class attendance maximum
  • All rooms, restrooms, halls, and stair wells will be clean and sanitized.
  • The classrooms will be set up for social distancing
  • Registration will be required for all adult classes AND Indoor Worship
  • Attendance will be taken
  • Masks, hand sanitizer, and temperature checks will be at all four entrances to the church. Ushers and Welcome Team members will be at the entrances to give directions and help.
  • Members will register to attend each class by Friday before the class meets
  • Class attendees will be asked to enter and exit specific entrances depending on the class they are attending.
  • Fellowship before and after the classes or the worship service should be done outside if possible, and attendees are asked not to crowd hallways, stairwells, or gather in groups.


Where will I go?

  • Parents with children are asked to enter through either door to the brickyard, either from the alley or the doors accessing the walkway between the admin building and the sanctuary.
    • When children are dropped off either at Cornerstone or the nursery, parents will go directly to their classes by:
      • Going down the steps to the Gathering Place
      • Going down the hall to the Fellowship Hall
      • Going down the brickyard steps and out to the alley to the Covenant class
    • Please avoid narrow halls and maintain social distancing at all times.
    • Always wear your mask while indoors.
  • Adults without children attending the class in the Gathering Place will enter and exit by the First Street Entrance
  • Adults without children attending the class in the Canterbury classroom will enter the education building by the alley
  • Those attending the Inquirer’s class will enter the Chapel by the First Street gate.
  • If you have already attended worship at 9:00, retrieve your children by the same path you took getting to the class, then exit the building the same way you entered
  • If you are attending a class and then attending worship.
    • Adults with children should retrieve their children and proceed directly to the Sanctuary. Please enter through the front doors on Mulberry St. unless you are in need of the elevator.  In that case there will be someone to assist you with seating.
    • Adults without children attending the class in the Fellowship Hall will enter and exit by the Mulberry Street gate entrance.
    • Adults without children should exit the education building the way they came in, then enter the Mulberry St. entrance and proceed up the steps to the Sanctuary. Ushers will be present to assist with seating, front to back.
  • If you are attending Worship at 11:00 in the Sanctuary
    • Please enter by the Mulberry St. entrance unless you are in need of the elevator. In that case an usher will assist you to your seat.
    • Please keep your mask on at all times
    • Social distance
    • The service will be 45 minutes in length, so be seated quickly and try not to socialize too much while in the building
    • After the service, please remain seated and ushers will dismiss you by row, back to front.


Frequently Asked Questions and Registration

Still have questions? Read through our FAQs and find links to sign up for indoor activities on Realm, all on this page.


Finally, please give us plenty of grace. We know that this is different, feels awkward, and isn’t what any of us wants to last very long.  We pray that we will do all that is necessary for worship and equipping to happen in our Sunday morning gatherings outdoors and indoors, and we pray that God would use this time to strengthen us for His Kingdom work.


Praying for Worship.
Chuck Duggan, Ministry Coordinator