As Tim Keller writes in his book, Ministries of Mercy,

To spread the kingdom is more than simply winning people to Christ. It is also working for the healing of persons, families, relationships, and nations; it is doing deeds of mercy and seeking justice. It is ordering lives and relationships and institutions and communities according to God’s authority to bring in the blessedness of the kingdom.

You can spread the kingdom by working for healing in our own community. We believe we are called to serve Christ and others. Jesus said, “the greatest among you will be the servant of all.” In that service we find tremendous fulfillment and joy. God has given each of us particular gifts and talents to be used in His service.  Please use your special gifts and talents to become involved with one of our ministries today!

Whether it’s inside the walls of First Presbyterian Church or outside, there are many opportunities for service. Each of our ministries and affiliated ministries have specific needs for leaders and volunteers. There is both a place and a role for each member and his or her God-given gifts.

If you are interested in serving in our community, please fill out the form on this page. We’d love to help you walk through the process of finding that particular area of ministry that best uses your skills, talents, gifts, and passions, whether it’s local or global. Once you submit this form, we’ll follow up with you to find out how we can partner with you in this process.

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