Youth Intern

Clay McCann attended and recently graduated from Mississippi State University and is a native of Memphis, Tennessee. Clay has grown up in a family that has cultivated a love for knowing Jesus more and more every day. He attended high school at Evangelical Christian School and then went on to go to Mississippi State where he was heavily involved in RUF. A few of his mentors have been Andrew Keasling, Elliot Everitt, and his parents who are all legendary in his eyes. Clay has a love for ultimate frisbee, any sport outdoors, Smash Brothers, and most importantly: serving youth. He was first introduced to student ministry by the youth leaders he grew up with: Lee Taylor, Mallory Hawkins, Andrew Keasling, Will Nease, and Dean Franklin. He is now working as a two-year intern at First Presbyterian Church and would love to get to know you! Just step on down to the Youth Office for a warm welcome and some skittles if you’re hungry!