We glorify God most when we enjoy Him.

Beginning Sunday, June 11th at 7 p.m. we will resume The Evening Service, a gathering for the people of downtown Macon. Our summer series will focus on “Psalms For the Seasons of Life.”

As a historic downtown church, we have a special opportunity to share God’s unfailing and incomprehensible love for the people who live here, in the beating heart of the Macon community. Join us as we sing, worship, fellowship and grow in the knowledge of God and His gospel. Partner with us in this effort to welcome the community around our church campus, as much in need of Christ as we are.


The Gathering Place


Sundays from June 11 to July 30


All are welcome. Come as you are.

We invite you to join us. Discover more about God’s work in the city you love. Believer or not, convinced or unconvinced – join us.
Bring your burdens and your baggage. He’ll take you just the way you are, and so will we.

Learn more at TheEveningService.com.