To our First Presbyterian Family,

To say “thank you” doesn’t seem to come close to expressing our enormous gratitude for the way you loved and cared for us for 6 years and for how you sent us on our way to our new chapter of ministry with such encouragement and support.

We are in full swing with life and ministry.  We have rented a home just outside of town in a great community with lots of young families and have (almost) unpacked all of our boxes.  The kids start school, dance, and soccer in the next week or two and are excited about their new puppy, “Georgia”.  West End Community Church has welcomed us with open arms and we sense great excitement in this season of ministry here as they have just opened a state of the art education facility.

Please pray for continued adjustment and transition and for friendships for both Annette and I and the children.  We will continue to pray for you as well as we regularly remember you with great appreciation and love.

God Bless you!

The Ashley Family