Special Thank You!!!
Missionary Clothes Closet
Mrs. Bobbie Mares


Please help us give a huge thank you to Mrs. Bobbie Mares
for her faithful service to FPC missions. After 22 years, FPC
will be closing its missionary closet that was started by
Bobbie! It first started in the old Hays building, which was
then torn down to build the education building. Since then, it
has been moved over by the Brickyard. Bobbie has been
faithfully serving the missionaries by finding out their exact
needs and having those items ready when they came for our
missions conference. She was diligent in her service and
support of the missionaries and it brought her much joy! We
celebrate your faithful service Mrs. Bobbie!

A Note from Mrs. Bobbie Mares:
A BIG thank you to everyone who brought clothing for our
Missionaries! Several of you have asked me if they took lots
of clothing. Yes they did! I would like to share some of their
wonderful stories! The McLeishs’ were so pleased with the brand new clothes for

their 10 month old, as well as clothes for themselves. Donald
Cobb from France told me he wore the new shirt and sweater
to a church in Atlanta. His wife found lots of clothing for
herself and their two growing boys. In fact she found so much

she didn’t have room in her suitcase, so we will be shipping
them to her. The Austins, from Africa, were pleased with shoes
and clothing. She commented that our closet was the nicest
she had seen! One of the missionaries from Mexico was very
excited about a coat, some shoes and skirts. Another
missionary said she needed casual clothes and found jeans
and shirts. We also mailed clothing to Donnie St. Germain for

You made all of this possible through your generous giving. I
also would like the thank everyone who helped sort and
organize the clothing. It was a huge success.

Love in Christ,
Bobbie Mares