It is hard to believe that the Fellows year is ending. It has been a full 9 months! In order to share what all the Fellows have learned, I thought the best way would be to hear from them. At the end of the program, each fellow is required to write a reflection paper on what they have learned over the course of the program. Below are some quotes from their papers. I share these in order for our congregation to catch a glimpse of all that the Fellows program is doing in the lives of young people. I would urge you all to consider in what ways you can be involved next year. You will be abundantly blessed because of it.
Ginnie Lane
Fellows Director


“The Fellows Program has been an experience unlike any other thus far in my life.”
“I love Jesus more than I ever have in my life.”
“My host family has been my favorite aspect of the Fellows Program…I can only hope and pray that I have had a sliver of a fraction of the positive impact on the Collins family that they have had on me.”
“I was able to see glimpses of how my boss runs his business in an efficient, effective and Christ-honoring manner.”
“The things I learned during studying Far as the Curse is Found transformed the way I think of myself on a daily basis and gave me a vision for my purpose and role in God’s Kingdom here on earth.”
“The Grad and Career group was special to me because I made some solid friends that I know I will have after the program is over.”
“What I loved about my journey group was the fact that we had a couple of older, more experienced men from the church who were able to speak with wisdom.”
“My thinking has been radically transformed over the past nine months.”
“I have grown immensely in the area of time management…have learned the value of punctuality”
“I learned how to read the Bible and how important it is to handle the Word rightly.”
“My internship at Vein Specialist of the South was my first real job. One of the most valuable things that I learned was discipline.”
“The Lord used the college ministry in radical ways in my life this year. I had a very glorified idea of what it meant to have a leadership role. I learned that to lead is to serve.”
“Campus Clubs was very difficult at first. Now, I know their stories and that changes everything.”
“The program has a lot of leadership training but none of it was as helpful as seeing leadership modeled before me. It is one thing to tell me how to raise a family or be a single woman for the glory of God but it is another thing to see it!”
“At first, I thought the schedule was too demanding and too hard. Now I know that those are the things that make the program great. I have learned how to manage my time.”
“I have gained a new view of how the workplace can be a mission field.”
“I have attended church my entire life but never attended so regularly as I have these past nine months. Without the fellows program to compel me to go, I would not have attended as much but I must admit that my regular attendance has been very good for my walk with Christ.”
“The Friday lunches were a great opportunity for me to see what it looks like to be a Christian leader in the local community”
“Before the Fellows program, I had never mentored anyone or led a Bible Study. The program has taught me how to minister to people.”
“I have a new confidence in my ability to share my faith.”
“My opportunity to lead a discipleship group of high school boys was a great change for me to grow in my ability to minister.”
“I thought you needed to have everything figured out at 22…But after hearing the people brought in for our Friday luncheons, I’m becoming more comfortable and confident in God’s plan.”
“Throughout this year, I’ve seen that God loves me and made me for certain things. I’m comfortable in my own skin for the first time in a very long time.”