I have noted on this blog before that it helps me to meditate on Scripture when I translate truths from God’s Word into my own language.  Sometimes for me that translating comes in the form of a poem.  For this week’s blog entry, I want to share with you a rhyme/poem of sorts that I wrote to help me think deeply upon James 3:1-12 and Matthew 12:33-37.  I hope you’ll be encouraged to do your own translating, and that in so doing, God’s Word will be your hope, joy, and song. – Mark Ballard


Horses, parrots, cobras, & whales

These are things that man can tame

But the human tongue is a different species:

A restless evil, a violent flame


No one can lay a hand on this raw, raging wind

Yet left untouched, it will be my end

How can this be that the same little tongue

Curses its neighbor, then praises the Son?!


One has said that words are just

The overflow of what fills my heart

And that’s much deeper than I can reach

What can I do?  Where do I start?


But in this struggle high hope is found

For I see with dim eyes that my heart is bound

So the Cure will not come from within these walls

Only from the outside-in will heal my jaws.


One from the outside must come in

And not just anyone – but the One with no sin

If I will ever know hope, ever know rest

He must enter the midst of my mess.


He must enter this dungeon, my heart

Shine light in its darkness, breathing life to start

A resurrection within so bold, so strong

That my words become lyrics to a freedom song


A freedom song that I will sing, sing, sing

To every creature that walks, crawls, and clings

For how else will they hear if I do not preach?

Telling them all they are within His reach