by Mark Ballard

One thing I have found that helps me to meditate on Scripture is to write it down in a different form. For this week’s blog entry, I want to share with you a rhyme/poem that I wrote to help me think deeply upon Psalm 34:9,10.

All I need has been given to me
“I have no lack,” is how It reads
When It speaks of those who look to Him
To fill the empty chasms within

The trouble comes because I soon forget
My desires are not needs, though they may be legit:
I want good company, a pleasurable chat
With people who look good, are humorous, and take baths

I long for deep intimacy, a pleasure-filled night
With the woman of my dreams, one I can call, “my wife”
I hunger for steak, potatoes, and pies
I thirst for sweet tea, chocolate milk, and red wine

Good health is my right!
I will not be denied
Robust strength, flexibility
Rock hard bis, tris, and thighs!

I expect private lands where I might escape
To scout, fish, hunt, recreate
Give me a home that is quiet and temp controlled
That when I’m ready to “move up” – will soon say “SOLD”!

As long as I have blank, I’m doing just great.
As long as she does this, everything will be OK.
If they do that, I’ll be just fine.
Maybe I’ll just save up and buy a sign…

…that reads: “Here I am – drop your needs
And tend to what matters, that, of course, is ME!”
If y’all would simply bow to ME and do MY will
I might not have to take so many darn pills!”

“Those who fear Him lack nothing” – Are you kidding me??
“No,” He says, “I’ve come to set you free
Not by pretending you don’t desire this stuff
But by enabling you with My Spirit to believe I am enough.

“If these things were needs, you would be dead
For they aren’t happening now, they are just wants in your head.
With Me you are equipped to live life without these
Though they are good gifts and even sometimes please.

“Child, I will give you ALL you need
For life and godliness – just believe
It’s not a one-time prayer that you ‘do’, and that’s all
It’s a lifetime together, we’ll dance, we’ll walk.

“Yes, you’ll forget
Yes, come back
I love to remind you
That you have no lack.”

Hoping to encourage you in faith, hope, and love,
Mark Ballard