They’re just dying! They’re just dying! They’re just dying!”

That was from a phone call I had this morning with the head of our Mission Hospital in Malawi, ABC Graduate, Mrs. Malla Kawale. While it appears COVID might soon be under control in America, just the opposite is happening in Africa. For almost a year sub-Saharan Africa seemed to be spared from the terrible outbreaks experienced in Europe, Asia and America, but that is no longer the case. The newly discovered strain of COVID is hitting Africa like a typhoon. 

Hospitals in Malawi are completely overwhelmed. They long ago ran out of enough ventilators, so the best they can do for a patient struggling to breath is give them a bottle of oxygen. Patients at our hospital who test positive are supposed to be transported to a government isolation facility, but very often the unit is full, so a portion of our new Eye Clinic is being used to hold COVID patients until Malla’s staff gets a call that a bed is available. Sadly, she said the wait is usually only 4-5 hours before another patient expires and a bed is available.

Tragically, COVID is hitting everyone. Almost every day for the past two weeks either a high ranking government official or church leader succumbs to the virus. Four days ago a personal friend of mine and a giant in the evangelical world, Evangelist Steven Lungu, often referred to as the “Billy Graham of Africa,” passed away.  A few days prior the much loved founder of Revival Life Ministries, Bishop CJ Tsukuluza, died of COVID, then followed by his wife Ellah three days later.

Two more greatly respected Christian leaders have also recently passed, Rev. Patrick Semphere who was the longtime National Director of Trans World Radio and former Chairman of the Media Council of Malawi; and just a week ago the former President of the Assemblies of God Church in Malawi, Rev. Dr Edward Chitsonga, went to be with the Lord. Christians across Malawi are saddened and hurting. 

Our small hospital in Malawi is struggling to cope. Malla said the staff are exhausted and they are in short supply of everything. Just this morning I helped her place an order for 5,000 masks, 5,000 pairs of gloves, 1,000 face shields, and 1,000 disposable gowns. But they need much more. We only have one ventilator and she is begging for a new ultrasound machine. Below is a link to visit if you can make a gift of any size to help our ABC Mission Hospital in Malawi. Please also pray diligently for our staff and students. It does not sound like a vaccine will be available until sometime this summer.

By Faith and Prayer,
Paul Chinchen


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