FPCY Parents –

It’s certainly been a strange and interesting few days hasn’t it? The church staff and I have been racking our brains trying to figure out how to stay engaged and continue equipping the saints during this time of “social distancing”. I don’t know about you, but it has only been two days and I’m already feeling the effects. I find myself longing to be with God’s people and longing for the day when things will return back to “normal” again. Yet, as I follow the CDC guidelines and news updates, this seems to be our new normal, at least for the next few weeks. So the question I hope to answer in this communication is: What is youth ministry going to look like in the meantime?

In the next few weeks and likely longer, I imagine ministry to our Youth looking like the following:

1) Weekly Check-ins: Since this can be a challenging and isolating time, the youth staff, volunteers and I plan to check in with each of the students weekly via phone calls, texting, FaceTime, and maybe even some outdoor one on one activities. Our hope is to see how we can be praying for them and if there are any needs we can help with as a Church body.

2) Weekly Small Groups: In order to facilitate on-going fellowship and community, students will have the option to meet in their small groups via Google Hangouts or Zoom (online conference call apps) during the following times: Jr High on Wednesday nights from 5-6pm and Sr High on Sunday nights from 5-6pm. During this time, we will discuss a video devotional together and then spend some time praying for one another. Leaders will be reaching out to their small groups soon. Even if your student hasn’t been able to participate in a small group this year, but would like to start during this time – we’d love to have them join! Just have them shoot me a text or respond to this email.

3) Weekly Resources: Over the next few weeks, my hope is to send out weekly resources that I think could be helpful either to you specifically as parents or for your families to read and discuss together. Since we are bombarded by all sorts of information on a daily basis, I think it’s especially important that we are being equally informed by the truths of Scripture and being spurred on to find our hope is in Jesus alone. A benefit of this time is that we are being forced to slow down and be together with family. That being said, we have a wonderful opportunity before us to use this time to draw near to our Father in Heaven together with our families, creating habits of family worship and devotion.

I am also keenly aware of how much time our students (and self-admittedly, I) will be spending on social media in the coming days and weeks. They will be infiltrated with all kinds of thoughts and narratives about what is happening in the world. Through our instagram and facebook accounts, I will try to give them some encouraging Truths and maybe even a little comedic relief (Amy is already itching to make some meme’s of Janie :))
As always, I want to be available to each of you as a resource and support in any way I can over the next few weeks and beyond. Please let me know if there’s anything specifically I can be praying for and if you hear of any needs.
Let us continue to be the Church in these times of uncertainty, clinging to the glorious hope we have in Jesus, abiding in the means of grace (God’s word, prayer, and fellowship), and looking for opportunities to love our fellow saints, our neighbors, and especially the weak and vulnerable.
In Him,